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Plating on a printed circuit board (PCB) refers to the electrochemical process by which a metal is deposited onto the surface of the circuit board, and inside the plated through-holes. The most common plated metal in printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication is copper. Copper plating serves two purposes, it increases the copper thickness of the surface pads and conductors as well as providing a robust copper connection from layer to layer through the plated through-holes. 

The exposed sections of the panel from the outer layer photoresist stage receive the copper electroplating. Following the initial copper plating baths, the panel usually receives tin plating, which permits the removal of all the copper left on the board slated for removal. The tin guards the section of the panel meant to remain covered with copper during the next etching stage. Etching removes the unwanted copper foil from the panel.

  • Colight Film Area Computer, Mod 10611-00
  • Scrubber, Asi, Mod 750
  • Rectifier, Aldonex
  • Electroless Copper Line, circuittech
  • Solder Plating Tank, Circuittech, 1ea.
  • Exhaust System, Plating & Etching, 2 ea.
  • Rectifier, 1500 Amp., Udylite
  • Rectifier, 2000 Amp., Rapid, 1979
  • Pressure Washer, Delta
  • Black Oxide, Circuittech, 1 ea.
  • Rectifier, Aldonex
  • Asi Model 750 Scrbu/Deburr System
  • ASI filter, Model 986
  • Rectifier, Aldenex, Mod T408-15CR-CCV-5
  • Tin Strip Line, Chemcut, Mod SL820-30
  • Etcher, Chemcut, Mod XL 510-30
  • Preclean Line, Chemcut, Mod XL-110-30
  • Crimson, Eidschun, Mod E50
  • 2 ea. Rectifiers, Aldonex, ModelI
  • Strip Line, Advance West, Mod CS-2000
  • Plating Line, Circuittech
  • Rectifier, Delta, Mod M3V6506CT4
  • Pump/Filter, Serfilco Copper Plating
  • Preclean Tank, Circuittech
  • ASI Model 750 Scrub/Deburr System
  • Rectifier, Aldonex, Mod T-406-10Cr-CCV-2
  • Developer, Mod 6000 w/pump Mod 301
  • Crimson, Eidschun, Mod E50 2 ea.
  • Rectifiers, Aldonex, 3000 Amp,
  • Mod T-406-30CFR-CCV
  • Strip Line, Advance West, Model CS-2000
  • Plating Line, Circuittech, 48" X 48" X 696"
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