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The increased complexities and densities that were driving the evolution of solder mask were also forcing the development of layers of copper traces laminated between layers of dielectric materials. This marked the first use of multi-layer pcbs in the United States. The development of the transistor and the miniaturization of other components drew more and more manufacturers into using printed circuit boards for an increasing number of consumer products. 4GPCB runs with this development we are manufacturer of custom printed circuit board (PCBs).

Followed by the invention of integrated circuits the circuit board has continued to shrink in almost every way. Rigid boards and cable applications have given way to flexible circuit boards or combinations of rigid and flexible printed circuit board (PCBs). These and other advancements will keep the manufacture of printed circuit boards a dynamic field for many years. That’s provides various benefits like,

4GPCB Saves More

Thru competitive processes for a top quality product.

4GPCB Insures Quality

Quality checks at each step of the production process, ISO-9002 certified.

SMT Standards

Tight LIP mask on flat solder pads, ideal for SMT application.

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