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Multi Layer

Due to the increasing use of IC (Integrated Circuit) package, interconnection lines become so dense that multi-substrate boards become necessary.so that 4GPCB provides the  Multilayer printed circuit board (PCBs) for the acquisition of perfect performance of circuits.

The original aim of multilayer printed circuit board(PCB) is to provide more freedom in terms of routing for circuits that are complex and/or sensitive to noise. The electrical connection in a multilayer PCB derives from plated through hole on the cross section of circuit board.

  • Wabash, 150 Ton,
  • Mod PC 150-3030-5CTM
  • Transformer, Challenger, 150 KVA
  • Pasadena Hydraulics Corp., 4 Opening Cooling Press
  • Model D-5R2430P-A ACS-X
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