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Dry Film Lamination

Sealed using the latest design and integration machine body design, to ensure the roller equitability ; Lamination roller is heat-resistant silicone, moderate hardness, especially for laminate soft and hard board; Big diameter lamination roller heat more quickly, evenly and working life longer, accurately control of laminated roller surface temperature.

Dry film process is recommended for image transfer in Printed Circuit Board(PCB) fabrication process. Dry Film Laminator is needed to stick the dry film onto the PCB. The laminator removes  the protective polyethylene film from the dry film during lamination. The photo polymerization characteristic and the convenience of dry film photoresist make it useful for image transfer. Dry film normally gives a best result  in fabrication of PCBs. After laminating board with photosensitive  dry film ,film master is exposed with UV light source and developed to get required image .

  • Laminator, Dupont, Mod Hlr
  • Hot Roll Laminator
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